!! Solar Panels Overboard !!

Here’s something interesting that we found from our friends at WINAICO. Seems that our Solar industry can be affected by a mishap at sea.

As you may well have read recently the vessel YM Efficiency proved itself to be not very efficient last weekend after dropping or damaging 83 of its containers on the way over from Taiwan to Australia.

It has been widely publicised that the vessel contained white goods, bikes, nappies and other high-quality Taiwanese produce but there was one thing that they did not mention. The ship was also transporting a container of our solar modules which according to the shipping line is currently at the bottom of the ocean somewhere near Port Stevens, NSW.

Fortunately for WINAICO we have in addition to our excellent 3 in 1 insurance policy that covers the entire PV System we also have Marine Transit Insurance!

While we have plenty of stock of 275W, 285W and 310W Panels we may have to juggle a little around to keep everyone happy in the busy days leading up to the end of the financial year so there could be some delays in deliveries. Lawrence and Patricia along with our logistics teams will work hard to ensure minimum inconvenience to our customers.