Goodwe EcoSmart Kids educational program

Goodwe Australia announces the return of its innovative “EcoSmart Kids” educational program, double in scale and in collaboration with Great Barrier Reef Legacy.

GoodWe, a world-leading manufacturer of Solar products, and one of the top solar brands in Australia, has announced the return of its education initiative called “EcoSmart Kids”, to deliver a series of roadshow events across Victoria to inform and inspire children about climate change, renewable energy and positive environmental messages. This time the program includes collaborative content and contributions from the Great Barrier Reef Legacy team, to deliver awareness about the importance of protecting one of the largest and most complex natural systems on Earth.  Additional support and services from Energy Matters and Exhibitions and Events Australia will help to ensure the awareness and delivering the success of the program.

Following the success of the first EcoSmart Kids program in 2023, GoodWe will execute its 2024 program with over double the scale and scope, visiting schools from Gippsland to Bendigo.  The program comprises of a series of interactive animated workshops that has been written and created by GoodWe Australia, approved by education professionals and aimed at primary school children from Grades two to six. Content will identify what climate change is, ways of helping the environment and how solar and other renewable energy sources work.  The GoodWe Australia team, equipped with Working With Children permits, will visit many schools across Victoria to deliver the program inside the GoodWe smart innovation vehicle – the custom-made roadshow truck launched in 2022.

A new additional workshop has been added to the program, to tie in other workshop modules and provide insight into the work of the Great Barrier Reef Legacy team and their Forever Reef project, which aims to collect and preserve over 415 species of hard coral and ultimately aid in re-population efforts.  The Forever Reef program bio-bank facility was launched last year, as a world-first “coral ark” powered by a donated solar installation, complete with a GoodWe energy storage system.

Dean Williamson, GoodWe Country Manager commented:

“We are extremely excited to bring back EcoSmart Kids in 2024, bigger and better than ever. The 2023 program was a resounding success and we received positive feedback from teachers, children and parents alike. This year we are reaching over twice the amount of schools and covering regional as well as metropolitan Victoria to ensure we give as many children as possible the chance to participate. We are very grateful to collaborate with our friends at the Great Barrier Reef Legacy team and allow more people to learn about the amazing work they do, and provide a real-world example of how climate change affects essential ecosystems such as the barrier reef.

We are also very thankful for the amazing support and resources from both Energy Matters and the team at Exhibitions and Events Australia who run the Home Show events around Australia. Their expertise will help us to give the program a fitting platform and celebration for all involved.”

Dr. Dean Miller, Managing Director of Great Barrier Reef Legacy, commented:

“The Great Barrier Reef Legacy team value education as an important part of our work in helping to preserve coral reefs around the world. We have worked with schools and local groups to help inform younger generations in the importance of these ecosystems, and even our Forever Reef facility is accessible to the public at the Cairns Aquarium.

Through our ongoing relationship with GoodWe Australia, we are thrilled to be a part of their EcoSmart Kids program to help deliver these messages about climate change, helping the environment and how renewable energy plays its part.”

Melissa Clendinen, General Manager, Exhibition & Events Australia (EEA), also commented:

“The Home Shows once again are excited to be part of the EcoSmart Kids program through their relationship with GoodWe Australia. The Home Shows have been operating for over 40 years and with EEA’s annual show attendance of over 235,000 visitors annually, we see this as a great opportunity to create awareness to a younger audience and to work with GoodWe on delivering messaging about how renewable energy plays an integral part in helping the environment.”

Following the school visits, all participating children will be able to take part in a State-wide competition, to create something that promotes a positive environmental message that leaves the medium completely open to their own talents and passions, from art, to creative writing, to music and more. A judging panel consisting of representatives from GoodWe, Energy Matters, the Home Show and Great Barrier Reef Legacy will judge entries, to then award prizes for grades of each school, with the 1st place winner from each school moving on to a “championship” awards event, which will be held at the August Melbourne Home Show, with trophies and finalist prizes to be presented in front of attending schools, media and VIP guests.

A public web page can be found at that will be updated in the coming months as the program progresses.