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Contact Name: John Williamson
Contact Number: 03 9545 5993

Products and Services

  • 48 volt solar energy storage systems fully wired cabinets to AS/NZS 5139: 48 V 100 AHR 4.8 KWH and 48 V 150 AHR 7.2 KWH
  • 48V Solar low voltage Energy storage systems
  • TL-LFP Series Lithium-ion Battery Modules VHR TL48100LFP-3U
  • (48V100Ah), VHR TL48150LFP (48V150Ah),
  • 48V TL-LFP Series Lithium-ion Battery
  • Solar12V nano gel batteries
  • Valve regulated lead acid battery 2V tubular gel OPzV series


Contact Name: Scott Young
Contact Number: 0429 525 975

Products and Services

Green CATCH, CATCH Solar Relay

CATCH is constantly monitoring your solar production and your household loads

  • CATCH detects surplus solar (solar that would have been exported).
  • As soon as there is any surplus solar CATCH diverts that amount of energy to your hot water tank
  • If there isn’t enough surplus solar, CATCH will mains power (off-peak) to make sure your water stays hot

DPA Solar

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Contact Name: Richard Barker
Contact Number: 03 9696 1119

Products and Services

Victron – Schneider- Outback – AERL – Steca – Fronius – Selectronic – Delta – ABB

Simpliphi – Powerplus Energy – Discover – Pylontech

Solar Panels
Winaico – Sunpower – Ground mount Racking systems


Contact Name: Denis Colbourne & Albert Widjaja
Contact Number: 1300 979 760

Products and Services

genZ LFP Rackmount Module:

CEC approved battery product*, available in 24V and 48V, capacity in 2kWh and 3kWh, cylindrical LFP cell, self-managed BMS, built-in 60A circuit breaker, parallel scalability, 10 year warranty/10,000 cycles.

*48V module

genZ LFP plastic cased:

available in 12V, 24V and 48V, up to 200Ah capacity, cylindrical LFP cell, self-managed BMS, series and parallel scalability, 4 year warranty.

Selectronic Australia

SEIA Vic Conference 2018 sponsor

Contact Name: Lindsay Hart
Contact Number:  03 9727 6600


Products and Services

SP PRO Series 2i Inverter Charger remote monitoring
SelectSun 3 Phase PV Inverter
FIMER (ABB) UNO ‘Selectronic Certified’ PV Inverter
Fronius Primo ‘Selectronic Certified’ PV Inverter
Fronius Symo 3 Phase ‘Selectronic Certified’ PV Inverter

Assertive Marketing

Affordable Marketing Assertive Marketing

Contact Name: Gerard McAllister
Contact Number: 0411 334 506

Products and Services

We provide Affordable Marketing Services.

We do all marketing activities including;

  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design and much more…

If you want to grow your business and need someone to help kickstart your marketing activities you should talk to us to see how we can help. We make marketing affordable!


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