Solat analytics battery Calculator

Thinking about a battery, but not sure if it’s right for you? Well, we’ve been hard at work developing our brand new battery calculator to help you answer this exact question!

There are plenty of simple battery calculators out there, but as a Solar Analytics customer, we can use your actual solar energy generation and energy usage to show you exactly how a battery would impact your energy usage and monthly bill.

What’s new?
Our new advanced battery calculator simulates different battery sizes, from 3kWh to 16kWh, using your last year’s energy data (you can also choose a custom date range). We then show you important information for each battery option such as the expected cost, payback time, your annual savings, and your new level of grid independence or self sufficiency.

We show this information for all the battery sizes, and show you the best option depending on your preference for savings or grid independence (self sufficiency). If no battery gives a positive return on investment, the recommendation will be the cheapest battery (i.e., 3kWh) – but that doesn’t mean a bigger battery is not worth getting (you may care more about grid independence and back-up in the case of a power outage, rather than just savings!).