Left to right: Seated Brian Hayes (Victorian Executive) standing Rob McCauley (Vic Committee) and Brian England (National Chairman). All manning Solar Info booth at Solar 2012 Melbourne, Solar Energy Industries Association Inc. National Head Office. N.S.W. with State based Chapters

The main interest of the Association is to support Renewable Energy Installers, Electricians, Suppliers and relevant technologies.



S.E.I.A.A. (Solar Energy Industries Association of Australia) was formed in Victoria to support and represent the emergence of the Solar Energy Industry – the Suppliers, Installers and Accreditation.


Throughout Australia, Renewable Energy, mainly off-grid (Remote Area Power Supplies) developed along with Solar Hot Water even though most equipment on the market was in early development stages. Rebates for off-grid were also available in Victoria through the State Electricity Commission. RAPSIS (about $3000)

The association lobbied state and federal governments to increase the use of renewable energy technologies and promote the use of energy-efficient products.

It also worked with Standards Australia on the formulation of appropriate Codes of Practice and standards for the renewable energy industry.

S.E.I.A.A.  began talks with the State Governments to introduce State-based incentives and information for customers.

We assisted the Government to expose the need for “Credibility” from manufacturers, suppliers and installers.

We saw the emergence of the Alternative Technology Association form, and progress with their magazine highlighting product reviews, and a who’s who in the Industry. Recognition came to the Industry.

State-based Chapters continued to operate and we met annually at our A.T.R.A.A. annual Expo.

A challenge for any Industry Body was growth and financial assistance to keep operating.


S.E.I.A.A. ceased operating and was then taken over by B.C.S.E.

B.C.S.E. became a more formalised Association with an Executive Director and operating Departments like Policy and Accreditation. Over the years there then became the need to grow larger – more staff committees and new headquarters. Out of this Clean Energy Council was formed and is still today an operating association which supports

Manufacturers, Energy Retailers and specialty technologies companies

As our Industry continued to grow it became important to meet with Politicians in Canberra to discuss new relevant rules and delivery of the newest renewable technology about to be introduced in Australia – the Solar Grid Connect Market.

C.E.C. went about introducing training courses into Australia to meet the large expected workload. At this time, installers were under pressure because of different Regulations State to State –only partly recognised by the Australia Greenhouse Office (AGO).

Many system sizing rules, regarding NET and GROSS tariffs were being constantly changed by Energy Retailers and Distributors around 2005. Rebates constantly changed and program deadlines caused many headaches.

Installers began to become disillusioned with the lack of trust and direction along with suggested changes to rulings.

The Clean Energy Council was unable to clear up many issues facing installers.


The inaugural meeting of Installers in N.S.W. and followed by Victoria, State-based Chairman and Executive Committee voted in. Solar P.V. installers met to form a National Association to lobby the C.E.C. on current matters and issues being relayed via our installer email forum.


S.E.I.A. Inc. was formed in response to Installers wanting to find their own direction and to have more input into changes within the industry. We sought Unification and Credibility for our Industry.

Many issues are addressed:

  • Re-Accreditation
  • Solar Design
  • Installation Standards
  • State by State Building Codes
  • Solar System Sales relevance to retail low
  • Review of O.H.S
  • Insurance requirements
  • Utility Grid Connect requirements.
  • D.C. Circuit Breakers

State Chapters are all along the Eastern Seaboard and South Australia.

S.E.I.A currently has hundreds of members registered with more joining as the association is recognised.

S.E.I.A. is an incorporated Association with financially viable State Chapters.

Installer members can access the electronic forum, talk freely to our Moderator about Industry issues and have representation on P.V. committees.

S.E.I.A has input to new Australian Standards.

Installer’s issues are addressed and actioned.

The Victorian Chapter was recently invited to play a part in the State government VEEC committee to review current feed-in tariffs and their issues.

Our National Head Office has also recently submitted a submission to the Federal Government concerning the RET Review.

Our Members include:

  • Self-employed and employed installers who are passionate about the future of the solar industry Inn Australia
  • Major importers and manufacturers of PV panels, inverters, batteries and associated infrastructure
  • National Installation Organisations of PV systems for home and business
  • Private and Government-run education facilities
  • Renewable Energy Consultants
  • Members of the public who are interested in, and supportive of, the growth of the Solar Industry in Australia
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trading companies



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