The 2019 SEIA VIC Conference

Put these dates in your calendar
Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st Feb 2019

This year we are coming to Melbourne as the conference will be held at the Best Western Airport Motel & Conference Centre.

The Agenda is getting finalised
The first day agenda has been announced.


Day 1

This year we have 2 CPD training sessions on the first day.

CPD training day session 1 Delta Solar (CPD points to be announced soon)

CPD training day session 2 Enphase (CPD points to be announced soon)

Day 2


As per usual this day is full with industry speakers including:

David Toliday- Holmsglen

Sandy Atkins – Energysafe Victoria

Max Rankin – SP Ausnet

James Paterson- CEC


We have listened!


This year we will have less sponsor sessions. The sessions from sponsors will be a training type. We have changed this so you can get more out of the day. Sponsor session details to be announced soon.

Find out more about this years Agenda…


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Conference early bird special


If you buy your conference tickets before December 31st 2018 we have a special for you. This ticket includes:

  • Long sleeved SEIA VIC branded work Shirt
  • Full conference 2 days
  • Dinner function ticket
  • Yearly SEIA VIC membership

Ticket $320 (same price as a full ticket) So get in early!

You can book your ticket on our website…


Tickets are selling fast!

Last year we had our biggest conference ever. This year because it is in Melbourne we are anticipating even bigger numbers, so it might pay to get in quick.

Here are the ticket prices:

Early Bird special – Includes a Long sleeved SEIA VIC branded work Shirt – $320.00

On Sale – Ends on 31 Dec 2018

Full conference 2 days (includes Dinner) – $320.00

This also includes yearly Membership

Day 1 (CPD Training Day) only – $160.00

Day 2 (Conference) only – $160.00

Dinner Event only – $55.00


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SEIA Vic Member Discounts

Just a reminder the DPA Solar offer is still available.

There is still time!
GC Battery Storage endorsement course special for SEIA VIC Members at Holmesglen’s

The rules for Grid-Connected Battery Storage endorsement changed from 1st January 2018. From that date, as an accredited CEC designer/installer, you are required to have the GC Battery Storage endorsement attached to your GCPV accreditation to perform such work.

The first pathway is offered fully online and is available to all suitably qualified and experienced designers/installers across Australia. Those who do not have current CEC accreditation in both are deemed not sufficiently experienced and are required to do the complete course.

Take advantage of being a SEIA VIc member!

The price is normally $625. For SEIA VIc Members it is only $400 but you must book in by Jan 1 2019

Go to your personal login on our website…


More SEIA VIC Member discounts


From DPA Solar

DPA Solar are keen to support SEIA VIC members with the following discounts:

  • SimpliPhi 48V 3.5kWh batteries – Tier two pricing break (6-11 units) for all orders in the 1-11 volume, representing a discount of $117 ex gst off the 1-5 price.
  • Outback Gel OPzV batteries – 5% off DPA marked pricing

To claim your SEIA VIC Member special offer please go to our website and log in using your details that we emailed to you. When you log in click on the “Sponsor Offers” section.

If you can’t remember your details please contact us.
As a member of SEIA Vic all you have to do is go to our website and click on the “LOGIN” section. Here you will have your own personal login

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Industry Tips

SEIA VIC battery tips gary piper

Battery Tips

By Gary Piper – Battery Energy Power Solutions
This month I want to talk about some Battery definitions

Temperature Compensated Voltage (TCV)

This is the voltage adjustment that can be programmed into your battery charger to automatically adjust the charging voltage output in relationship to the temperature of the battery. The voltage will be increased at Lower Temperature and decreased at Higher Temperature. Typically it is an adjustment of Millivolts per °degree per cell. You need to refer to the Manufacturer’s Specification for the correct voltage. Beware that some battery manufacturers may not require any adjustment between a specified temperature range.

Battery Sizing

Takes into account the System Voltage Window, Load, Autonomy, Temperature, Aging Factors, Discharge Rate, Depth of Discharge and required Service Life.


If a battery is to be stored for any particular length of time then you need to be aware of what the self-discharge rates are for battery type/manufacturer that you have. Not all batteries self-discharge at the same rate. There may be a requirement for a Commissioning Charge prior to placing the battery into service.

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Business Tips

By Gerard McAllister – Assertive Marketing

Are you communicating with your customers?

At the SEIA VIc conference in 2016 I presented some tips on how to market your small business. One of the members called me a few weeks later and said that he followed my advice and it worked for him. Good to see someone is listening. So I just want to touch on a point I made then.

A lot of small business think that if they send an email to their current or old customers that they are annoying them. We all hate the unsolicited email, right?

But here’s the thing. If you have already had dealings with a customer no matter how long ago it was, then is that unsolicited? I’m not so sure.

If you have had dealings with someone then you are entitled to communicate with them again. It could be as simple as letting them know something is new or changed with the product. So, have a look at your old customer lists and start to think about how you can have some form of meaningful engagement with them. You never know they just might want to talk to you again.

Give it a try!

If you have a story or want to give us feedback please feel free to contact us.

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