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As a part of our ongoing commitment to communicate with our Solar Industry here is our first newsletter. We hope you enjoy the read.

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Industry news

Prescribed electrical equipment – DC isolators

SEIA Newsletter

The CEC has an update on the DC – isolators. (We quote)

“Following our note on Monday 2 July regarding the issue of appropriately-certified DC isolators, the below outlines further information that has come to hand. We have confirmed that New South Wales and the Northern Territory are not affected.
The following provides further clarity for the state of Victoria.

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Industry events

DPA Solar Training Days with Victron Energy
Each year Victron Energy run training sessions around Australia and DPA encourages our customers to attend to hear about new product releases and updates on all aspects of your Victron equipment.

This year the training sessions will be split over two days so there can be a focus on the main market segments:

Day 1: Automotive/Marine

Day 2: Off-grid, Back-up

Industry Advice

Battery Tips

SEIA VIC battery tips gary piper

By Gary Piper – Battery Energy Power Solutions (SEIA VIC Committee Member)

The first point I want to make is that Apples aren’t Apples when comparing Lead Acid Batteries. There are a number of types to consider. For example:

  • Lead Acid/Wet Lead Acid – Liquid Electrolyte, Tubular Positive or Flat Plate, Vented and housed in a Transparent or Non-Transparent Container. Also referred to as Wets
  • GEL – Immobilised Electrolyte made of Thixotropic Gel. Valve Regulated design.
  • AGM – Immobilised Electrolyte stored in the Fibreglass Mat Separators.
  • VRLA – Valve Regulated Lead Acid. Includes both GEL and AGM battery types.

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Business Tips

social media management

By Gerard McAllister – Assertive Marketing (SEIA VIC Industry Member)

We all like to use social media when promoting our business. But what happens when you get a negative post? Here are some hints on dealing with complaints.
When it comes to responding to negative comments on social media you should always do the following:

  • Respond immediately online
  • Always be polite and empathetic to someone’s complaint
  • Never get personal
  • Never engage in an argument online
  • If they want to argue tell them that you will discuss it offline, don’t continue as they are just wanting a fight

We hope you enjoyed the first of our newsletters. If you have a story or want to give us feedback please feel free to contact us.