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The PLW is in stock in limited quantities

After a long wait, the Plasmatronic PLW system is now available. It is a solar controller that allows you to make a solar hot water system using a PV array, a standard electric hot water service, the PLW kit and some wire.
Suggested Retail Price $990

You can download the manual here

The 2019 SEIA VIC Conference

Put these dates in your calendar

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st Feb 2019

This year we are coming to Melbourne as the conference will be held at the Best Western Airport Motel & Conference Centre. We are working on an agenda and will announce some special guests and speakers soon.

We will keep you posted…

You can download the presentations from the last conference.

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SEIA Vic Member Discounts

Just a reminder the DPA Solar offer is still available.

SEIA VIC Member discount
from DPA Solar

DPA Solar are keen to support SEIA VIC members with the following discounts:

  • SimpliPhi 48V 3.5kWh batteries – Tier two pricing break (6-11 units) for all orders in the 1-11 volume, representing a discount of $117 ex gst off the 1-5 price.
  • Outback Gel OPzV batteries – 5% off DPA marked pricing

To claim your SEIA VIC Member special offer please go to our website and log in using your details that we emailed to you. When you log in click on the “Sponsor Offers” section.

If you can’t remember your details please contact us.

Industry Advice

Trade Tips

By Paul Reilly – Sunvalley Solar

Trade tips

Here’s a tip to help you when having to auger down a wall (to hide wiring).

Just follow these simple steps.
When having to auger down a wall try drilling 3 holes in the top plate.

  • The first hole is to shine a torch into the cavity
  • The middle hole is to insert your auger
  • The 3rd hole is for you to look into the cavity so that you can make sure that your auger is in the middle of the noggin

This is so that you don’t have a hole in the wall where you’re not supposed to. It also makes it easier to get your drop down through the noggin hole.

I hope this helps.

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Battery Tips

By Gary Piper – Battery Energy Power Solutions
This month I want to talk about Temperature Compensated Voltage (TCV)

SEIA VIC battery tips gary piper
This is the voltage adjustment that can be programmed into your battery charger to automatically adjust the charging voltage output in relationship to the temperature of the battery. The voltage will be increased at Lower Temperature and decreased at Higher Temperature.

Typically it is an adjustment of Millivolts per °degree per cell. You need to refer to the Manufacturer’s Specification for the correct voltage. Beware that some battery manufacturers may not require any adjustment between a specified temperature range.

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Business Tips

By Gerard McAllister – Assertive Marketing

When posting something on social media most business tend to talk about what they have done and how they did it.
Remember people only care about what affects them. Their pain points.

social media management

A better approach is to talk about an issue that your customer may be facing. A simple ‘how to do’ or an explanation of how your product has solved a problem. Your problem solving may trigger an interest.

So next time you are posting something think about how it will help a potential customer who may come across your post.

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