Solar Analytics announces new offer for Victorian installers!

Millions of Australian solar owners reduce their electricity bills by hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

As most solar installers know, the key to helping solar owners save even more is the use of a consumption metering. With solar Feed In Tariffs continuously reducing and electricity tariffs changing dramatically, understanding how to get the most savings out of your solar system becomes increasingly important and this is where consumption metering is essential. But, it can be complicated and expensive.

How to get consumption metering without an extra meter

The clever folks at Solar Analytics are now rolling out a ground-breaking solution that gives you consumption metering, without an extra consumption meter!
Thanks to a long overdue rule change and some very clever software, Solar Analytics can now access consumption data from your customers’ existing retail billing meter, in sites that are eligible.

In a nutshell they collect solar generation data from the solar inverter and consumption data from the retail meter, then integrate it altogether into their app. Using clever maths, they can unravel energy bills so you can see the truth about your generation and consumption, without the extra cost and complication.
Solar Analytics calls this solution Integrated+.
Apart from being way cheaper, there are also some other big benefits of using Integrated+:

  • You get all of the other features of Solar Analytics award winning solar software including Plan Optimiser
  • No switchboard modifications, installation or extra hardware is needed
  • Works on one, two or three phase residential and commercial retail meters
  • Works with all Sungrow, Fronius and Goodwe inverters
  • Avoids the need to install Goodwe Home Kit’s and allos integration to all GC Goodwe and GE inverters
  • If you use Pylon for system design, you can auto create sites in Solar Analytics reducing commissioning time by 70%
  • Available for only $40 per year
  • Automatically updates to the latest tariffs and retailer information
  • If you have controlled loads (eg a Hot Water System, Underfloor Heating or Pool Pump on a special tariff) it will show them separately
  • In early 2023, will become available for all Solar Analytics Classic and Integrated sites

What’s the catch?

Although it will roll out more widely soon, right now Integrated+ is available to:

  • Solar owners with Sungrow, Fronius or Goodwe inverters that are Wi-Fi connected
  • Victorians who are in the Citipower or Powercor distribution areas
  • Buildings with smart retail electricity meters that are digital and Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connected

Rollout Early in 2023

Early in 2023, Solar Analytics expects to roll out Integrated+ in all parts of Victoria plus New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.
Some features such as Controlled Load and automatic tariff updates will also roll out in early 2023 although all other features will be available straightaway.
It’s also important to note that retail meter data is provided one day behind and as 30 minute average data which for most solar owners is just fine. If you need live data, higher resolution, have a hybrid system or want additional features then upgrading to a standard consumption meter might be worth considering. In great news, if you want the benefits of both solutions adding Integrated+ doesn’t cost any extra if you choose Solar Analytics.

Ready to reduce your system costs and install Integrated+?

It’s too easy. Contact of jump straight on the phone to Nigel Morris on 0410 479 286.

You can download a PowerPoint presentation on benefits and commissioning here.