Please find an attached letter that we have written to the local paper.

It occurred to us if we could all write a letter expressing our concern over lower feed-in tariffs and send them to our local paper it just might help. You are welcome to use the one attached as a template or write your own. Please send one to your local paper and make sure to add your local State members contact details. Get them in ASAP

Please send in a copy (Email is fine) if you get it into your local paper

Here is a transcript of the letter we have sent in:

It was very disappointing to learn recently of The Victorian Labour Government’s announcement to slash the Minimum Feed-in Tariff paid to homeowners who generate electricity from solar power.

As of  July homeowners will receive a paltry 9 cents per kWh down from 11 cents currently. With retail electricity prices rising dramatically it’s hard to imagine what could the justification for a reduced feed-in tariff. Indeed last year the average wholesale price for electricity was nearly 14 cents. That’s 14 cents for electricity generated in the Latrobe valley before distribution costs. At this rate, homeowners are being asked to subsidise the electricity companies they must be laughing all the way to the bank.

We call on the Victorian Labour Government to reconsider its decision to cut the Solar Feed-in tariff and pay homeowners a fair price for the electricity they generate. If you share our concerns we urge you to contact your local member of parliament.


Letter to the Newspapers about electricity prices